Member Success Stories


Chad Smith & David Cameron

After connecting at a Young Entrepreneurs of Wisconsin event, Chad has received discounted consulting sessions with David to help him set up Facebook Ads for his insurance agent Facebook Page.

Shaena Friedman & Brennen Thoma

After connecting at a Young Entrepreneurs of Wisconsin event, Shaena’s photography business (Shaena Ragna Photography) now has business insurance through Brennen’s insurance agency (Watchdog Insurance Group).

Marissa Armstrong & Cody Bogseth

After connecting at the very first Young Entrepreneurs of Wisconsin event, Marissa has used Cody’s painting business (Diamond Edged Lines) for multiple projects at her fitness studio (Marissa’s Fit Boutique).

Alex Oberthaler says…

“This is such a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to come together and spend time talking and learning from each other. This is a great group to network, and that's been a big reason why I am successful and have had such great opportunities.”

Brennen Thoma says…

“I really enjoyed the group and meeting all the members. The venue and food was great. I look forward to seeing everyone at the next get together.“

Jason Lund says…

“Great group of young Entrepreneurs! I enjoy the networking and education they provide.”

Anonymous says…

“The presenter, the other attendees, the hosts, the giveaways, and the venue. All great stuff. Oh, and thanks for providing food. That was very much appreciated!”